Our Story


We appreciate your interest in our humble story and BIG Mission.

Little’s Pocket was founded in 2017 with an enormous amount of love and hope to inspire and promote financial and business literacy. Creativity, imagination and love fill each one of our games and books. We are an evolving company registered with the state of Delaware and homegrown in Chicago, IL.



Creator and Founder Diana

Diana started her career in finance at the age of 20 by working at the Chicago Board of Trade for a small proprietary trading company. Diana worked in the open outcry commodities trading pits for five years. 

Post trading experience, she moved into middle and back office trading projects for large hedge funds and asset management firms.

Currently, Diana dedicates her time to designing, implementing, and delivering best in class business solutions for a global asset management firm.  

Areas of expertise: volatility trading, market making, options and futures, valuations, and risk measurements, design technology solutions, data management, and ideas generation.